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Mixing device for production of rubber asphalt mixture

Hereby introducing the mixing device, where asphalt is pumped into tank by screw conveyor together with rubber granulate. Rubber granulate is mixed with asphalt to ensure the required specification and homogeneity of the mixed binder. After final mixing, binder is pumped into the tarmacadam plant, or is pumped to the adjoining tank and transported to the required tarmacadam plant.

Advantage over rubber asphalt mixtures

  • Higher resistance of mixtures against fatigue, permanent deformation and cracking of any kind on repaired road.
  • Longer life of the pavement and reduce layers of new and repaired roads
  • Higher use of fine-grained mixtures
  • Reducing traffic noise in the road surface
  • Usage of waste rubber from used tires


Max electric input 70 kW
Quantity of produced mixture 90 t/24 hr
Nominal output of electric motors  41 kW
Nominal voltage 400 V
Surroundings teperature 0 - 40 °C
Thermal output of boiler 300 kW
Thermal output of burner    145-570 kW
Consumption of fuel   48 kg/hr
Volumen of tank of produced mixture 21 m3
Transport width 2 500 мм
Transport height  2 950 мм
Transport length  12 850 мм
Weight without asphalt 25 000 Kg



Take a look at the map below - there are points where Mobile BLENDER have been delivered.

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