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An integral part of each mining complex is the electrical equipment necessary for powering and controlling individual devices. In this area, T Machinery a.s. offers APK9U contactor set for switching up to nine independent MFK400 frequency inverter drives for powering and regulation of the travel equipment of shearers and auxiliary voltage transformation. All of these devices have outputs that allow the transfer of traffic information to both the other devices in the complex and to the dispatching station on the mine surface.

All the electrical devices supplied by us are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and in accordance with the equivalent directives of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.


Voltage 1140/660, 1000/500 V Input voltage 500, 660, 1000, 1140 V Rated powe 120 kVA
Frequency 50, 60 Hz Output voltage 500-1140 V Rated input voltage 1 000/1 140 V/AC
Maximun currency 1 200 A Input frequency 50 Hz Rated output voltage 400/500/660 V/AC
Dielectric strength 25 kA Output frequency 0-200 Hz Rated output current 105 A
Number of contactors 9 ks Input current 200 A Losses due to short circuits (ΔPCu) 955 W
Dimension (lenght, height, width) 2741 x 943 x 916 mm Output current 200 A Losses when running idle (ΔPFe) 605 W
Weight 2520 kg Dimension (length, height, width) 2630/3248 x 1003 x 936 mm Transformer efficiency 99 %
Ambient temperature 0-40 °C Weight 2300/2520 kg Weight 2 630 kg


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Switching power systems have been delivered.

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