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The current trend of continuous mining requires extraction of mined minerals by belt conveyors with high transport capacity. Under-face devices of T Machinery a.s. allow for a flexible connection of the collecting scraper conveyor in the passage underneath the face with the belt conveyor so as to minimize the time lag when moving the wall conveyor drive with the progress of the face and shortening the belt conveyor. Under-face devices up to 80 meters in length are manufactured in three versions. It depends primarily on the required volume of customer mining. T Machinery a.s. produces suspended, self-supporting and elastic under-face devices.

Another benefit of the under-face devices from T Machinery a.s. is ability to place the energy train device on the side supports of the under-face conveyor. The TMD crusher (also manufactured by T Machinery) can be included into the track of under-face conveyor, which provides the required pieceage of transported mined material


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Under-face devices have been delivered.

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