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The device is designed for extraction of residual seams, extraction of coal pillars and solidagos in small thickness seams, and at the places where it is not possible to strip the entire surface of the seam overburden, and it is necessary to retain the supporting pillars. This device can be used for the extraction of certain iron and polymetallic ores of sedimentary origin. The technology can be expanded by passage system with swum foundation and regressive mining of retained pillars. When adjusting the drive unit, it is possible to use the device for the extraction of low seams in open pit mines, where it is not possible to continue with open breakup due to excessive overburden height.

The device works on a low passage heading without support. The passage is perpendicular to the wall of the opening passage at regular intervals or according to geotechnical conditions. The front of the machine is fitted with a double cylindrical picking organ with cutting knives. The conveyor, consisting of a double screws, consists of attachable parts that are inserted at the drive station of the device in the passage using a suspension groove and a lifting device.

The device works on the basis of heading the passage with the removal of disintegrated coal into the scraper conveyor located under the mouth of the passage. After heading the 60-100 meter length of the passage, the device moves. The device and the operator's cabinet are equipped with rails for movement. The moving is done by traction of the device over the passage bottom. The device is equipped with anchoring device for sufficient stability – passage spacers.


Maximum performance per cuttin resistance AP = 450 N/mm min. 2 t/min
Profil space 4,16 m2
Profil hight 1,6
Profil width 2,6 m
Maximum decline ±15 °
Lenght of continous miner 5 m
Width of continous miner 2,8 m
High of continous miner 1,8 m
Weight of RPM 14
Wieght of continous miner 39 t
Weight of extension section 1,5 t
RPM 60 r/min
Drum diameter 800 mm
Drum width 1 100 mm
Tilting the miner Hydraulic
Feed the RPM and extension sections into the cut Hydraulic
Working feed rate of RPM 0,5 m/min
Total output 600 kW
Main motor RPM 2x120 kW
Worm drive motor 2x120 kW
Hydraulic motor 120 kW
Power voltage 1 140 V


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