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The MB 900 CM shearer and heading machine is designed for safe mining and mining in mines with the risk of explosion of gas and dust. Heading and mining in the required corridor profile is provided by a set of cutting organs. The excavated rock from the shearer can be removed by self-propelled shuttle cars or using belt conveyors.

The shearer consists of a main cutting organ, a cutting organ for extraction and adjustment of the ceiling space, a cutting organ for extraction and alignment of the corridor bottom, including the undercut of corner edges of the corridor, a scraper conveyor for the transport of the extracted material, a belt chassis for moving of the entire shearer at the working and manoeuvring speed (up to 10 m / min). The rear part of the scraper conveyor is oscillating both vertically and horizontally. 


Maximum performance per cuttin resistance AP = 450 N/mm min. 8 t/min
Proportions of shearer    
Profile space 15,6 m2
Profil hight 3,1
Profil width 5,1 m
Maximum decline 12 °
Lenght 12,5 m
Weight 105
Cutting drums    
Main (diameter) 1100 mm - 4 pcs 41 ot/min
Loading (diameter) 820 mm 42,5 ot/min
Roof (diamter) 600 mm 46,5 ot/min
Conveyor Scraper
Speed 1,4 m/s
Trough width 0,6 m
Pitch 0,5 m
Angle of horizontal deflection of conveyor ± 40 °
Driving systém Caterpillar
Spacing between caterpillars 2,85 m
Caterpillar width 0,44 m
Moving speed 9 m/min
Mining speed 0,5 m/min
Total output 975 kW
Power voltage 1 140 V
Bolting instrument Semi-automatic
Drilling borer diameter 42 mm
Drill bit length 1,5 m


Take a look at the map below - there are points where MB 900 CM have been delivered.

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