MB 430 Ei - New generation of shearers

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MB 430 Ei - New generation of shearers
More powerful control system, new drive, inverter in the body

The new advanced drive allows the rated traction power of the shearer to be developed from zero speed to maintain high traction even at higher speeds.

A more powerful Linux-based control system gives continuous control of the shearer speed depending on the load on the drive motors and, in particular, the load on the cutting control motors.

The control system has a function to overcome obstacles and, together with an integrated drive, can produce a pulsed traction force at minimum speed that is more than twice the nominal traction force.

The frequency converter for powering the drive motors is in the shearer body, so only one power cable for the entire shearer is needed.

The shearer drive inverter efficiently controls the drive motors and maximizes their torque. This provides great traction.

The 7-inch full-graphic display clearly shows all technological processes and any faults.

For easy servicing of the wiring during servicing, most wiring is in modules that can be easily removed from the shearer.

Of course, the MB 14 combine can visualize all shearer data at the dispatching shaft site using the TMVision system. Communication in this system is bidirectional, which allows e.g. remote parameterization of the machine in the shaft.

Using the VS2Ex intrinsically safe control system, the shearer and other mechanized equipment can be remotely controlled. 

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