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testing polygon, basic element of which is a transformer station. Load of motors and gear systems can be done by the help of two asynchronous dynamometers, these are equipped with digital control unit that is connected to PC. Dynamometer ASD P153 is placed onto a fixed base. Device loaded herewith is anchored to lifting table with dimensions 1 000 x 1 500 mm and lifting capacity 1 500 kg. Dynamometr ASD P500 is placed onto cast-iron clamping plate embedded into floor that has dimensions 4 500 x 6 300 mm. Gantry crane moving over testing room with lifting capacity of 25 000 kg is designed for handling with burdens.

The testing room is equipped with precise performance-related analyser YOKOGAWA WT1800. By the help of external converter a three-phase measurement of voltage up to 8 kV is possible and three-phase measurement of current up to 1000 A. The testing room is further equipped with 16 channel mobile temperature measurement unit (12 x sensor PT100, 4 x K type thermoelement). The unit enables measurement of temperatures in the range from 0 to 200°C. When using thermoelements it is possible to measure temperatures directly onto live parts up to voltage of 660V.

The testing room is equipped with own cooling unit in order to cool the testing devices.

The company T Machinery a.s. offers processing of technical tests according to own customer's requirements, as well as leasing of the whole working place

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