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The company T Machinery a.s. has a new testing polygon, primarily determined for type and piece testing of produced mining devices. Basic component of the testing room is a new transformer station providing a wide range of supply voltage.

Motor load and gear system can be done by the help of two asynchronous dynamometers recuperating energy of the testing system back to power supply network. Both dynamometers are equipped with digital control unit enabling operation in drive regime or load and revolution or moment coupling. Control unit is connected to PC which contains program for analysis and measured data processing.

The testing room is equipped with precise performance-related analyser YOKOGAWA WT1800. By the help of external converter a three-phase measurement of voltage up to 8 kV is possible and three-phase measurement of current up to 1000 A. The testing room is further equipped with 16 channel mobile temperature measurement unit (12 x sensor PT100, 4 x K type thermoelement). The unit enables measurement of temperatures in the range from 0 to 200°C. When using thermoelements it is possible to measure temperatures directly onto live parts up to voltage of 660V.

For cooling of tested devices the testing room is equipped with own cooling aggregate that is independent upon public water pipeline. This cooling aggregate has totally two circuits. The first circuit is an opened one, water, with maximum flow of 200 l/min at maximum pressure of 2.75 MPa. The second circuit is a closed one with anticorrosive coolant. This one has maximum flow of 50 l/min and maximum pressure of 1.2 MPa.

The company T Machinery a.s. offers both processing of technical tests according to own customer's requirements, and also direct lease of the whole working place to professional public.


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Testing Room have been delivered.

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