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The KPD-F 02 anchorage equipment is determined for anchoring the driving stations for the face conveyors ( like. DH 830, Westfalia PF 4, 3 HB 260 a.p.) up to 20 degrees gradient / pitch.

The basic precondition for using the KPD-F 02 anchorage is the driving station for the face conveyor to be placed in an opening either under or over the working face.  

KPD-F 02 anchorage equipment has a unit-construction and enables:  

  • an anchorage of the face conveyor driving station on the discharging or on the reverse end
  • a mechanical connection between the working face and gathering conveyors
  • an anchorage of the gathering conveyor reverse station
  • using the face or the side re-loading
  • both left and right hand side arrangements of the working face
  • connecting the mechanically powered support to guarantee the working face-opening contact  

The anchorage of the KPD-F 02 face conveyor makes it possible to connect in a mechanical way the collecting scraper conveyor with the working face driving station, which enables to move the PZF simultaneously with the working face conveyor without interrupting the working face extraction.


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Anchorage of the Face Conveyers have been delivered.

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