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The under working face equipment is determined for various variants of a complex solution for the under-working face drawing problem, for a move parallel to the progress/ advance made in the working face and for the position and move of the electrical equipment issue related to it.  

The under working face equipment is installed in a way that makes it possible to perform a mechanical connection between the gathering conveyor and the main drive unit of the face conveyor and at the same time it protects the cable line as far as the working face.  

When using a flexible line there is possible to move the PZF without the necessity to switch off the high voltage supply. This is an adjusted scraper conveyor that is suspended and travels on a suspension railway.  

The underworking face equipment suspended on a suspension railway consists of: 

  • suspended drive of the scraper conveyor incl. the displacement
  • HNZ stretching equipment
  • suspended line of a scraper conveyor
  • equipment for pulling the scraper conveyor
  • placing the line on a footwall, P1 and reinforced
  • mobile power station by the client´s request  

The PZF under working face equipment can be used for various types of the scraper conveyors according to the customer´s requirements.


Underworking face type Scraper conveyer width Used scrapper conveyer
PZF-01 600 mm TH 601
PZF-02 700 mm TH 700
PZF-04 800 mm TH 826
PZF-07 700 mm TH 726


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Railway Suspended Underface Equipment have been delivered.

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