Transfer Equipment



BPZ-F Chainless Transfer Equipment:

The chainless transfer equipment is determined for transfer of the working face driving stations, plough driving stations and other technology equipment of a large weight.  

It consists of a frame, catch, two straight hydraulic motors with control, anchorage and draw bars. The transfer is accomplished in the way of pulling the hydraulic motors over the draw bar catch to which there is anchored the equipment we need to transfer.

TZ-F Tractive Equipment

TZ-F tractive equipment is especially determined for the under working face transfer where this equipment is suspended on suspension railway. The equipment is positioned immediately behind the coal crusher and is an integrated part of PZF. It consists of the grips, tractive chains of 34 mm diameter, post connection chains of 18 mm diameter, anchorage head frames with a possibility to have a side spacing anchorage and of four straight hydraulic motors where two of them serve for PZF transfer by a width of advance per round of the coal-getting machine and two others for displacing the anchorage head frames. This equipment tractive force amounts to 120 tons in total.

Auxiliary Thrust Equipment

The auxiliary thrust equipment is to be connected to the KPD- F 02 anchorage frame grips where the driving unit of the working face conveyor can either have a longitudinal or vertical arrangement. Two anchorage shoes make it possible to mount the IHV supports under the 15o pitch. The equipment will develop a maximum thrust force of 46 tons. This equipment is being successfully used particularly for transferring the auxiliary working face conveyor drive.


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Transfer Equipment have been delivered.

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