Coal Crushers DU

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Coal Crushers DU series were developed for crushing coal and stone, or other materials having strength up to 130 MPa. They are located in entries within the scraper conveyor line. They can be used in connection with different types of scraper conveyors, and with under-face equipment.  

Technical description

Coal crushers DU series consist of basic parts (input, middle and output trough; input, middle and output case, middle case lid, crushing drum, drive, flywheel with friction coupling, drive cover, spraying, and automation elements);with horizontally placed crushing drum. There are 4 knife disks on the crushing drum shaft with screwed crushing bits. The machine is driven by an electric motor and it rotates a robust flywheel by means of a set of V-belts; the flywheel ensures appropriate torque for mine run crushing. Conveyor, crusher and spraying run, operational safety and device protection against damages are secured by the automatic control.


Capacity: 600 - 2 000 m³/h (according to the type)
For conveyers having widths: 800 - 1 100 mm (according to the type)


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Coal Crushers DU have been delivered.

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