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The suspension stepping equipment serves for a transfer mobile power station dedusting systems, auxiliary equipment etc. using the suspension railway. When splitting a mobile power station due to it weight and there is used a multiple suspension stepping equipment design. The equipment consists of a unit, hydraulic cylinder for the transfer, control panel and connecting elements. After an exact specification of the machine parts, components and equipment that has to be transferred it is possible to design such a suspension stepping equipment that guarantees a safe transfer but with an optimum maximum possible operation economy target.

Flexible Cable Lines

The flexible cable lines serve for a safe way of laying the cables (particularly the HV cables) and producing their necessary reserve. It also makes possible to either shorten or prolong the length between the fixed cable suspensions and the mobile power station when transferring it, this without the necessity to switch off the high voltage supply.   This equipment consists of the holders that are in the carrying TD-4Z trucks cable erectors that guarantee the cable sagging above/ over mineral being transported in a safe distance. The equipment described above is regularly used together with the suspended stepping equipment. The cable holders in various designs serve for their safe position on the under-working face equipment.


The transferred equipment weight (in tones) dependence on the pitch:

Pitch ° 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
P1(P2)  t  18 16,5 15 13,5 12,1 11 10 9,7 9,5
P4  t  74,3 64,5 57 51,1 46,3 42,3 39 36,2 33,7

Basic technical parameters:

  Design P1(P2) Design P4  
Working liquid nominal pressure MPa 32 32
Working liquid   Emulsion 3-5% em. oil  
One step length m 0,6 (0,8) 0,6 (0,8)
PHM transfer/shift mm 63/40x600 (800) 80/60x600 (800)
PHM braking mm 63/40x50 63/40x50
Braking force of braking unit N 83 500 83 500
Technology line type   ZD 24 A,B ZD 24 A,B
Max. longitudinal pitch ° ± 18 ± 18


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Suspension Stepping Equipment have been delivered.

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