Mobile Power Stations

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The conveyances of suspension and transfer of the electric equipment (mobile power stations) are determined to transfer the electric equipment parallel to the working face or extracted opening.

The conveyances of suspending the electrical equipment on a suspension railway

The transformers and contactors suspensions - in various designs have a that makes it possible attach to them any transformer or in a simple way to facilitate its simultaneously with mobile power station while using the manipulation suspension railway that an integrated part of the under working face equipment.  

The cable transport frames - serve for temporary cable position while they either wound or unwound depending on the way of use. Mostly these frames are on railway in front of mobile power station in a connection with a flexible cable line and suspended stepping equipment.

Conveyances of positioning the equipment on additional of the under-working face equipment

These are the frames for the transformers, contactors etc. They serve for attaching this equipment directly to the under-working face collecting flight conveyor line and they are transfered simultaneously with PZF.

This equipment advantages:

  • possibility to use all electric equipment currently used minimum building height
  • creating a space for maintenance and repairs on the equipment
  • the equipment has resolved the problem of varying pitches of the opening
  • moving the whole together with the working face advance
  • in case of a small opening height the mobile power station is placed on the setting-up PZF plates  


Take a look at the map below - there are points where Mobile Power Stations have been delivered.

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